• The Detox Box

  • This scientifically designed 3-Phase Detox program will help detoxify your body's natural filtration system, leaving you feeling restored, renewed, and reset!
    Start your detox journey with Cleanse+ to give your system a healthy reset. The 30-day detox includes daily AM & PM supplement packets designed to flush your kidneys and bowel, detoxify your liver, and restore your gut.

    What's Inside:
    30-Day Supply of Daily AM & PM Supplement Packets
    5 Servings of Cleanse+

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The Detox Box is a total body reset program that can be used routinely to keep your body operating at peak performance while helping you achieve your health and wellness goals. This program pairs perfectly with IDNutrition, the premiere Personalized Vitamin Program.

The Detox Box is an easy to follow 30-Day total body reset program. This process-centric program answers the question "How do I get started with IDLife?" for everyone.

Each day during your 30-day detox you will be provided a specific combination of key nutrients that were designed to maximize your body's ability to improve overall gut microbiome health and absorb essential vitamins and minerals.


Take supplement packets as directed, 1 AM pack and 1 PM pack.


  • Conveniently Packaged
  • Highest Quality Ingredients
  • Resets the body to homeostasis
  • Restores the gut microbiome


Like with anything else in health and wellness, there are ways to maximize the results of the Detox Box by limiting your intake of sugars, alcohol, processed, fast and restaurant foods. Coupling the Detox Box with IDNutrition will also help support improved outcomes. The #1 requirement for results, however, is the consumption of plenty of water. A gallon a day is the minimum, not the goal.
Get back on the program as soon as possible, but don’t double up on the recommended daily dose.

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